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Soixante circuits is an interactive studio

We mostly work for the clients coming from the fields of luxury industry, museography and art scene.


Together, we will think of an interactive installation that meets your needs and deadlines. We will advise you on all the main aspects of the project, creative, technical and the financial ones.


We provide everything from prototyping to programming and at the end the assembly of the components. We can also create the visual part of the project/installation.


We ensure the on-site installation, supervision and the technical follow-up of the project/installation during the entire event.

Our projects are a fusion(blend) of new technologies and web and software development. We always aim to bring together online and offline communication in order to create installations with different levels of narration.

Our profound technical expertise together with an eye for aesthetics, allow us to build immersive worlds which are both surprising and relevant. By transforming the passers-by in active actors of these worlds, we want to give a new dimension to experiences and everyday life tasks.